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am trying to find a mini graphics card for a cheap pc , el1850 emachines , its a mini tower , and i dont think a standard card will fit , any good web sites ? thanks jam
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  1. If it is a small form factor like this one you will need a low profile card. The power of the card is going to be based on the size of the PSU which is not listed on their site and neither is if it has a PCIe x 16 slot. Here is a possible candidate
  2. Acer/Gateway/eMachines desktops have horrible PSUs, they make HP/Dell ones look good. Why do you need a GPU anyways? For games, Id say spend more on a new build.

    I wouldn't suggest that 5570, PCIe 2.1 may not work with his board.
    For HD playback a 4350 would be nice:

    Though this 9500GT would be alright also as its only $35AR:

    This $40 4650 is another option:
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