HP Pavilion a1640n BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!

Hey guys
ok this is what I did.
I reinstalled windows xp media center on this thing cuz of a virus. After that, I had to go to the hp website and download all the drivers and stuff. So what I did was I installed all of them before restarting the computer, even the bios update one, and I think a firmware thing. When I restarted it, I got THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

At first, I thought it was my hdd, but i took it out, scanned it on another PC, and no errors were found.

So I stuck it back in, tried to reinstall almost every version of windows xp I have, and after the installation setup screen would finish loading the files it needs before it would prompt me to format my hdd into NTFS, it again gives me the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. I've gotten the blue screen of death at exactly the same time on each of the different installation attempts of each windows XP version.

However, I found an old beta windows 7 DVD I had, and THAT installed NO PROBLEM.

I'm GUESSING I messed up with the BIOS on the motherboard. Is there anyway to reset that, or reinstall it to it's original files? How would I go about doing that? Is there another way to fix it?

I'd appreciate ANY help that I can get.
Thanks a lot in advance,

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  1. You can reset the BIOS by removing the mobo battery for a little while.
  2. It still didnt do me any good
    Maybe it's a firmware issue? I also tried to install some firmware stuff
  3. Try mounting the HDD again on the other PC and run killdisk on it (make sure you don't run it on the host's HDD, that would be messed up). After that, run a complete format of the disk and repeat a clean install of Win on it.
    If still gives you the error, repeat the above, then remove the host's HDD and leave only this HDD in the other PC. Run a clean install of Win on this HDD inside the host machine. If it installs fine, could be a hardware error on the HP pavilion.
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