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Replacement Fan for Radeon 2400HD

Anyone know where I could get a replacement fan for this card? The fan has definitely bit the dust (probably due to dust) and although I plan to upgrade I was hoping to buy a little time so I can save some cash and get something decent. Any leads would be great. Thanks so much for your time! :D
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  1. It's broken? Or what?
    You can just simply clean it from dust by removing the cooler or shoot it with compressed air can...
  2. I did clean it, it still won't turn. I guess something is jammed up in there that I can't get to, cause it will try to turn, and go veeeery slow, and get hung up, and try again...ect ect.
  3. well, it seems like the fan is died.
    you can buy an aftermarket cooler for just $30, but it's still consider expensive for old card like 2400HD...
  4. in my opnion get a newage card!

    that card is very old, do you still game with it :D
    consider a gtx 460 or HD5770
  5. Or get a cheap 4650 and save up to get a higher end card/pc components.
  6. exactly ^^
  7. There are plenty of cards out there for $30 or less if you know how and ware to shop. The fan is still alive coil wise but the bearing is shot unless you take it apart and clean it then lube it with WD40 or any grade of motor oil. It doesn't take very much just a q-tip is more than enough.
  8. Might try taking it apart. And yes :) I do still game with the card, you would be surprised that there is very little the card won't run, and it may not look pretty, but it runs fast and without hangups. Granted I run games like Civ 4 and my husband plays WoW, and neither one are exactly graphic intensive. I would like to get this up and running so I can play Starcraft 2 and Civ 5. Like I mentioned I planned on upgrading the card fairly soon, I was hoping to hold off till Black Friday to see if I can get a good deal on something nice. So if I can't get it going with some WD40 I will either replace it sooner then I would like or I will use the onboard for a while (which is what I am doing now) and just play the 360.

    Is newegg considered the best place to go to pick up a new card? I am going to need a new PSU as well (another reason I have held off for so long) and I would like to get the best price for both.
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    New egg, Amazon, and eBay if you already have paypal but you got to know how to shop but I guess that at your age you already know :) Even a small drop of motor oil will do just fine. A quart can be had $2 or less if WD40 isn't available or to expensive. Just remove the fan and peal the sticker on the back and give it a small drop with a q-tip then you are set. Put the sticker back ware it was and put it all back together. Then you should be good enough for a few months. If the fan sticks again before you get a good deal on a upgrade then regrease it.
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