Intel E7500 Running Hot During Testing

Hi there, I have a quick question. I was running Prime95 on my E7500 with stock cooler and a couple of extra case fans. It got pretty hot pretty fast. Within 3min it was running at 82 degrees celsius which I'm thinking is rather hot :( . Should I try re-applying thermal paste? Or something else? I don't really want to spend much money on a new cooling system especially as I'm thinking of a new build in the near future anyway.
The ambient temperature is what I would call warm-hot (don't have an exact measurement) and I'm currently idling at 39 degrees.

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. sounds like you havnt installed the HSF correctly

    the stock hsf is fine if its installed correctly
  2. The Hospital Saturday Fund?

    LOLz jokes!

    That is highly possible but always try with newer thermal paste, try stick to grey and white in colour they tend to disperse heat a little better.

  3. Thanks guys. I'll try some new thermal paste and see what happens.
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