Add SSD - before or after.....

I'm getting a new Windows 8 PC with no SSD. I'd like to add SSD (Samsung 830 or 840? - 256 Pro?).
Should I install the SSD & load Windows on it before transferring my files & settings from my old PC?
Or get the new PC up & running then install the SSD?
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  1. Ideally, a fresh install onto the SSD.

    If, as it sounds, the PC comes with Win8, and you don't intend to do your own Win8 installation, you would have to clone the OS to the SSD. After than, several settings may need to be tweaked before it will work.

    In that case, I recommend using an external backup drive, doing a disk backup with something like EASEUS ToDo backup or Acronis, putting in the blank SSD as the only drive, and doing a restore with the option to adjust for changed hardware checked. Make sure that the motherboard disk ports are set to AHCI mode first.

    This may violate your Windows 8 license. I'm not sure if, with an OEM machine, the license is tied to the disk or the motherboard. Anyone here know the rules? Did they change in Win8?

    Or do you have a win8 install disk and intend to do a fresh install?
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