Need help with new SSD PLEASE!!

So i just bought a new ssd, i unhooked my hdd and installed a new windows and installed teh games i play most frequently and also my broswer.
When i hook my hdd back up i can find it in my computer with all the files on it, how do i use these again?
i dont have any of the same icons and all that, do i have to reinstall all the old prgrams on the hdd again too?
i see the files but i dont see how i can get them back on the desktop and usable.
also, now there is a System Reserved (E:)
how do i get rid of this there is nothign on it...
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  1. After an "fresh" OS installation , every program has to be installed AGAIN :) the programs u have on ur old HDD are mostly unusable .


    right click my computer , select manage , Disk management , there u can delete the unwanted partitions .
  2. I made a huge mistake...
    i thought if i copy the user files to my ssd all the settings would be the same and i could use my programs,
    i tired this and i filled the ssd before it told me that i need another 199 gb.
    my ssd is now full and i have no idea how to empty or where the *** is that i filled it up with and in the process lost almost ALL my torrents (about 150 movies)
    WTF did i doooooo
    i cant system restore and have no clue what to do to clear the ssd again,
    im an idiot... is there anythingi can do?
  3. Start from scratch , re-install windows , do not make the same mistake :)
  4. How do I clear out the ssd?
    And is there anyway of finding all those lost movies?
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    i can't help u concerning ur torrents since their illegal ,
    if u want to start from scratch , boot from a Windows DVD , format the SSD and install windows again
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