A-DATA USB slow speed / A-DATA Recovery

Hy there folks ...

I've got an ADATA Sport Series 32GB Flash Drive (USB2.0 Portable) Model RB19 32G ORANGE and the thing is i get realy slow writing speeds ...

From start it goes 60Mb/s, than it drops to low as 1.5-3Mb/s in about 20 sec ...

I've got Win 7 Ultimate 64Bit

Is it possible since my MOBO has no Win7 drivers, only Vista that this should be the problem ???

PROC: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 B3
GPU: Asus AMD HD6870 Direct CU
PSU: LCPOWER 6600, 600W
RAM: 2x2Gb PATRIOT PC6400 800Mhz + 1x2Gb ADATA PC6400 800Mhz
HDD: WD Caviar 250GB Sata 2

It's like 2gb of xvid movie transfers from the HDD to USB in cca. 15min ... it's rediciolus ...

USB is NTFS formated, 32Gb, duno what to do so i wanned to try ADATA recovery but i can't read the CODE on the USB since it's a bit faded.

What should i do and is this an USB prob or my MOBO USB 2.0 driver prob ...


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  1. It could be driver related, who knows? I've heard of people installing maybe one Vista driver for a peripheral device (eg printer) on Windows 7, but using Vista drivers for the entire motherboard must be considered as a possible cause and is something I would never do.

    Beats me why you installed Windows 7 knowing that it's not supported on that particular motherboard model.
  2. I installed Win 7 as it came out in RC1 ... since than i had no probs at all, the OS even works faster than Vista ... anyways like most users i hate Vista aswell, just for notice WIFI driver on Vista is bugged, on Win 7 it works like a champ ... thats why i got Win 7 asap i could ...
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