Why isn't my hard drive being detected?

SSD as a Primary Drive.
Using a new internal Western Digital Black HDD (WD1002FAEX)
on a ASROCK Extreme4 Z77 motherboard.

In bios: instead of the ports that the hard drive is connected to saying the name, it just has blanks. No name. While all the empty ones say nothing detected. So im not sure if its even being recognized?

In windows 7: nothing.

I noticed my SSD start up was slow having it connected.
Is this hard drive dead?

all connections are there except i didnt mess with the pins in the back. Its a SATA 3 so i just tried installed it straight out the box. I have it connected with a sata 6gb connection, and have tried both sata 2 and 3 ports.
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  1. The hard drive is dead if your system can't even recognize it. have you tried a different port or cable?
  2. The only thing left was an ata cable? But no use now, was trying to see if updating the bios firmware would resolve the problem but it froze midway n now monitor doesnt show anything in boot up.... My motherboards clr cmos lights up now. :(
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