Psu running gtx460

Hi all,
Thought i would start a new thread on this rather than continue it on my other thread.

My system

Phenom II 965 be
wd 500gb hdd
4gb ddr3 1333mhz
asus mobo
antec 902
xfx 650w 52a +12v

The problem is my psu seems to be arcing so it is being rma'd.

I needed my system running asap as i do work through it.

I wemt to my local shop and got a ezcool 650w

it is dual rail with 20a on each rail (40a in total), i have been looking and that seems fine to run my system but not sure on this brand as i use corsair xfx and so on.

Also the gtx460 uses 2 pci-e connectors and this has two but they are both on the same cable about 5 inches from each other, all the other power supplys i have had have them on seperate cables, two pci-e connectors on one cable? is that right or is it just a extension. It also states sli on the box for the psu, dont think that is right.

I am only going to be running this psu for about 10-14days at max, but use it for gaming

Thanks all
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  1. As far as i know ezcool isn't that great they a very average brand of PSU. As far as power consumption goes on the GTX 460 i do not think it is as great as you would suspect it was designed after the Nvidia GTX2 series cards and has slightly more architecture upgrades. Take a look at this link i think it mite explain things more rationally.

    Kindest Regards Rob."
  2. ok thanks,
    on the load power consumption for crysis it reads 291 for the gtx460, this states for the whole system.

    I did a psu calculator and it came too 406w recommended psu

    Would you run it/

    Also what is with the pci-e connectors both being on the same cable and not seperate cables, never seen this before.

    This is the power supply

    it states sli, very misleading.

    on the nvidia website it states maximum power wattage for gtx460 is 160w is that right.

  3. has anyone else got an opinion on this would they run the gtx460 with this psu.
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