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I have been in the market for an SSD for some time now and am trying to figure out the best way to go about getting one. I currently have an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 running an i7 920. This board only supports 3gb/s SATA so I was thinking about just getting a mid-range drive like the 840 in a moderate capacity (250gb). I figured this would be better than getting something like the 840 pro or Vector in 128gb since I would not be able to fully utilize the speed without 6GB SATA.

However, I plan on building a new system around the time when Haswell is released. I am looking for some thoughts on going with a high quality 128gb drive now and using it as a cache in the new system vs. going with a 250gb+ mid range drive now and just transferring it over to the new system as a boot/system drive.

Along the same lines, can anyone explain how exactly the newer motherboards utilize small SSD drives for caching? My terminology may be incorrect.

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  1. caching ssd's are only usefull in caching HDD's as there is no speed boost in caching an SSD. If you are planing a larger SSD like 128gb+ then theres no point in even considering using it to cache a HDD. The SSD will be plenty big enough to load windows and a bunch of programs on.
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