Will Maximus IV Extreme-Z have pcie 3.0

Ok FFS can someone that knows what they are talking about please tell me if the Maximus IV Extreme-Z is going to be able to get pcie 3.0 via bois update or is that board going to stay at 2.0??? Because people say that the Maximus IV Extreme-Z is much better than the G1 Sniper2 which is impossible because the G1 Sniper2 is native pcie 3.0 ready please let me know ASAP because I don't know which one to get so far I'm thinking of getting the G1 Sniper2 just because it is pcie 3.0 ready.

Thank you.

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Marius Geldenhuys
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  1. I just read the specs for the Maximus IV Extreme at the Asus site (which you should have done as well) and there is no mention of PCI 3.0 in the specs. Based on that, I would have to say that it is not compatible with the PCI 3.0 specification.
  2. Who said I didn't read the specs the board is going to run the new Ivy Bridge itnel chip and they didn't anything about that in the spec did they?
  3. I see these 'PCIe 3.0' posts all of the time, we really need a sticky.

    Q - How much of an 'improvement' in 'FPS' do you expect going from PCIe 2.x -> PCIe 3.0?

    Q - How much of the PCIe 2.x x16 lanes is 'filled' by the GPU's out there?

    Q - What needs the PCIe 3.0 added bandwidth -- the GPU(s) or Chipset?

    IF you know and the answers to those (3) questions then do you think you'd ask this question? Sure after you answer I'll discuss this some more.
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