my WD external hard drive only gives me the option ntsf and exfat when i try to format it. i want it to work on a MAC and i have read that FAT32 is the best one to use. is there any way to get my hard drive formatted in this way?
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  1. fat32 is ok but its older and also max file size can be only 4 gigs. format it with ntfs and google mac ntfs drivers
  2. ^ As alvine said above. But if you still need to format Fat32 this should still work http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20040724110933265 it was done for Panther but should still work with Mountain Lion. If the files you need to share between Windows and OS X are 4gb or smaller then there should be no problems but just remember fdisk is not forgiving so if you make a mistake and choose the wrong drive it is gone!

    I have not tested it on my Hackintosh 10.8.2 as I use Paragon on my Hackintosh and Windows 8. For me it is the best solution for both OS's.
  3. mac 10.6.5 and up is natively compatible with Exfat as is.
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