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Gtx460 vs gtx465

is the 465gtx better? i would think based on the number but the speeds are slower on the specs...
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  1. The GTX460 1GB is overall a better product, more power efficient and overclocked can better GTX465.
  2. okay considering i want sli and the prices of a gtx460 is 200$ vs gtx465 is 175$ is the 50 dollars total worth it. if i overclock the 460s will they be better than overclocked 465s?
  3. The gtx 460 1gb is much better. in fact its so much better that the gtx 465 is already at end of life. if you overclock the 460 it will crush the 465 and depending on your overclock it will get you fairly near the gtx 470.
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    you will save power and have a lot less heat too if you run 2 X 460's. honestly thats the way I would go. The 465 is much hotter and much less power efficient. you will be much happier with the 460's. the only reason to go with the 465 is that you can run trip and quad sli.
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