Good 19x12 Monitor?

Hey all! Im getting a new monitor in the near future. Id like it to be 1920x1200, or something like that. Maybe one of those wierd resolutions, just something a bit taller than standard HD. LED backlight would be VERY nice. 120Hz is cool, but its likely means its a TV or that they are lying, so that doesnt matter much. Below $400 prefered, below $300 better but unlikely. Above 22" ATLEAST, above 24" prefered. Thanks all! :lol:
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  1. 1920x1200? Thats what I use, I love it. the FOV in FPS games is so much nicer in my opinion.

    I have the Acer p243w, its amazing.
  2. Yeah, i had a 24" 1680x1050, and the height to width ratio was just so much better than on my current 1080p one. Granted, 1080p looks nicer, but i liked the dimensions of the old one. So now, when i get a new computer towards the release of SB and 6xxx, i plan to get a new monitor, and i want it to be 1920x1200. Unfortunately newegg has like 6 of them, so i need to ask around. :lol: So whats the price on that one?
  3. Yeah, I know, I wish they were more popular, they are losing popularity.

    Thats just about all they have on Newegg, that I would recommend. I'd look for an Acer or Samsung at another store if possible though.

    I think I paid 299 for mine, but it was last year, I don't remember exactly.

    This is a version of it, for reference.
  4. Yeah, ive noticed the dip in popularity :(
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