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Okay, I own an HP a6203w, and from newegg, to I have tried asking and researching what I could, and I have found several reviews that say it only ses 60 or 70 watts at load. I was interested in getting the 512mb version (redwood I think, from newegg.) I also saw the following post

My only problem is, I have either a 230w or 250w PSU, BONE stock PSU, except for 2 gigs of DDR2 ram I added (2 gigs stock, 4 now) I have NO idea about the rails or voltage, and I am quite the computer nooblet.

I don't play graphic intensive games, I play WoW, Sims 2, Sims 3, and Dragon Age: Origins...

Any help or advice, on the matter or even directions/how to's would be greatful. Thank you. And IF I do need a new PSU please help me on which one or kind or brand I would need with what rails and what not, I am new to all this.


Since posting this I have discovered the 5570 as well. For my above mentioned games, at medium to high settings running at 1440 x 900, would that be a well suited card for me? I heard that it too, like the 5670, has low power consumption, maybe even lower. But I am not exactly quite sure how much I am sacrificing on the performance end for this...thanks.
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  1. It should work, many people use HD5670 on their unbranded 250W PSU...
  2. Well I would be buying egg, I just dont want to get it and have my computer die or something bad happen for my PSU not having enough power to get it. How much of a loss will I have getting the 5570 instead of the 5670?
  3. Well, HD5570 is a low profile card, but still decent enough to play any games with low resolution (low resolution=CPU job).
    If you don't want to take a risk then go with it, but still, you should be fine with HD5670. :)
  4. hmm ok, any safety measures I can take when I use the 5670? I just dont want it to damage my comp.
  5. It depends on the rest of your system.
    If you have lots components in your PC then go with HD5570.

    You said that: "I have either a 230w or 250w PSU".
    We are still unsure what is your PSU, so don't take a risk and get HD5570.
  6. Everything on my PC is bone stock, and I looked up the specs on the HP page, it is a 250w. The only thing i have done since I bought this PC was bump it up to 4 gigs of ram. I got it from best buy, an hp a6203w desktop.
  7. If the 2GB of RAM is the only thing you added then I think the 5670 should be safe.
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