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Dell ultrasharp U2311h vs Dell SP2309w monitors

I was just wodnering which is the overall better monitor. So far I think I have this right.

IPS (The biggest thing for me here)
wider viewing angles
not round if I ever want to use eyefinity (not a big deal as I will be using this with a laptop lol)
$80 more
only 1920x1080 (loss of maybe 350k pixels)
no hdmi (i would have to get a hdmi to dvi adapter)

Higher than FHD 2048x1152 display (+350k pixels)
only $220
nice tilting features
webcam and mics
Not an IPS panel

Just reading over what i have written i believe that option 2 is better so i ask this to you guys, is the IPS panel really worth it over all the other features.
I will be using this monitor for gaming but more importantly for engineering and CAD in the near future.
I will be using a Asus g73 with a ati 5870m, core i7 720qm, vertex 2 60gb ssd, and 16gb of ram
PS i have no idea what sub cadegory to select lol ummmm i guess i will put it under graphics cards
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  1. The Ultrasharp is by far the best. Yes, an IPS panel will make a HUGE difference over a TN panel. Also that resolution on the second one is a bit odd, and will make it hard to set games to your native resolution. Both computer monitors already have some pretty impressive pixel density anyway.

    If you can't afford the first one, get the 21.5" version, it isn't much smaller.
  2. Really? I would think the ips would not make that much of a difference considering the monitors price.
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    daniel123244 said:
    Really? I would think the ips would not make that much of a difference considering the monitors price.

    Here are the advantages of an IPS panel over a TN panel:

    -Far, far better viewing angles. This is great for watching movies on your PC.

    -Much more realistic colors. The colors on TN panel monitors are almost cartoonish with their inaccuracy. This is because a TN panel, which is a 6-bit panel, only truly supports 262,000 colors, and mixes those colors to inaccurately produce the other 16.5 million colors that the IPS, and any full 8-bit panel, can display normally without mixing. An example is that an IPS panel will make Crysis look realistic, while a TN panel will make it look cartoonish.

    -IPS panels have really good black levels. A TN panel has very "gray" blacks, while an IPS panel has almost CRT level blacks and go very deep in the darkness of them. This greatly increases the detail perceived in darker games like dead space or Metro 2033 where there are a lot of different shades of black, and a lot of shadow detail.
  4. That does sound good. The one thing i cant stand about my laptop is the gray blacks
  5. Honestly, when I got my 24" monitor you had to pay $700 for a non-TN panel monitor. I've been sitting on this shitty TN panel for years thanks to that. You can get an IPS panel 1080p monitor for under $300. Don't make my mistake.
  6. On amazon i can get the 23 inch one for 279.99. I think im almost set to purchase :)
  7. Wow, nice price. I hope you enjoy your new monitor.
  8. The Dell ultrasharp U2311h is the superior product it's fully adjustable and features Displayport which is superior to hdmi btw.
    That's why it's left off.
    Plus the U2311H often goes on sale.
    Don't buy it at the regular price buy it on sale.
    I've seen it on sale for $239 this month and that's Canadian.
  9. Really? Is that like a set sale like for the holidays or does that price just pop up?
  10. daniel123244 said:
    Really? Is that like a set sale like for the holidays or does that price just pop up?

    Today's price Dell U.S. site- Dell ultrasharp U2311h- $239
    btw the H means it has a fully adjustable stand,height and swivel.Plus Displayport which is a feature on every new gpu.
    Good stuff!
  11. See following review of the Dell U2311H:



    - Excellent colour accuracy, black depth and contrast ratio, being strong even out of the box
    - Very attractive price compared with competing models
    - Good responsiveness and very low input lag

    - Some luminance uniformity issues (may vary)
    - Some slight ergonomic issues (stiff pivot and rotate)
    - Limited hardware aspect ratio control options

    The Dell uses an e-IPS which is an "Economical" version of the IPS panel tech. It is less expensive to manufacture than the S-IPS and H-IPS panels. While e-IPS not as good as the higher end IPS panels, it is far superior to TN panels.
  12. huh what do you know? they just dropped the price to 239.99
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