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Best Radeon 5850 for OC'ing

I am purchasing a 5850 for a gaming rig, and was wondering what version to get? I am on an extremely tight budget, so the cheaper models are better, but I want a card that can clock to match a 5870 STOCK. Here are the ones that seems to be the best for me...but do they allow OverVoltage control? Are there any models that do support overvoltage?


HIS 5850:

XFX 5850:
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    ASUS directCU:

    allow you to control voltage, so this card can really fly HIGH... :)
  2. ^+1 i agree 100%.
  3. Yes, definitely the DirectCU.
  4. I also agree..

    In order for a 5850 to match a 5870 it needs to be clocked at 915/1265 give or take. The DirectCU can do 1000/1300 or better if your room temp is low enough.

    Daily Clock until Winter arrives..

    And the best part is that it is cheaper than most other models and comes with a nice 20.00$ rebate if purchased from the Egg.
  5. So at 1000/1300 it will pass a 5870? Wow. Looks like we have a winner on our hands. Thanks for all the help.
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