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HD 5750 and Corsair 400w PSU - Is it enough?

After looking at the minimum PSU requirements for the HD 5750, I see it's listed at 450w. Would the Corsair 400w be able to handle a Radeon 5700 series card without having to upgrade the PSU.

Not worried about X-firing as I know the PSU is not enough for doing that. Relatively new system and I'd rather not have to get a new PSU just yet. Just looking to get a decent video card without the extra expense.

Current Configuration: AMD AthlonII X3 435, 4gb Patriot DDR3, MSI 760GM-E51 Mobo, Thermaltake v3 mid-tower,Lite-on DVD/Blu-ray, Lite-on DVD, 500GB WD Black, Win 7 64Bit, Samsung 24 LCD.
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    The 400CX would be enough for that, its a hearty little 400W unit, and much better than some cheap 500W units. With your system you will probably only run it about 70% of max so you have enough additional headroom not to need to worry about it.
  2. Yes, it should enough, enjoy that card... :)
  3. Corsair 400W CX can easily pass as a 450W if I'm not mistaken. Plus it has 30A on the 12v rail, so that should be more than enough for a 5750. It could power a 5770.
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