Help.. Need new PSU

Hello my PSU died today and i am looking for a new PSU.. and i want to know what you guys say.. Corsair have some Psu's that i have been looking to buy.
Cooler master, OCZ, so many brands. i'd like to see which brands you would recommend.. Looking for a 750w + becuase when i upgrade i can use it with SLI/Crossfire + overclocking ect ect :)

Buying from

On the list:
Crosair CMPSU-950TXEU - 1058DKK = 192.82$
Corsair CMPSU-750TXEU - 786DKK = 142.42$

My current system.

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T @ 3.5 Ghz (NorthQ 3850 cooler).
3072MB RAM DDR2 @ 910 Mhz.
4x 320GB Raid0 7200RPM
Asus EaH HD4870 1GB 800/1085 GDDR5.
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  1. 1. HD4870, isn't that a bottleneck?
    2. Okay, you should certainly hope that your dead PSU didn't make a dead system.
    3. Right, the best brands are OCZ (not StealthXStreamII), Corsair, CM have some good models, Antec and also Seasonic.
  2. Tell us please if you plan to overclock or do SLi/CrossFireX. - Corsair HX750 (I think that would be $190.00)

    What is your budget? And I'm having trouble navigating a hardware store in Danish.
  3. I know my system is old.. I'm not going to upgrade yet. but when i am. i am buying every thing new. (:

    One more question Multi 12v rails vs single 12v rail??

    Is it as good to have 2x18amp vs 1x36amp?
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