Asus' Ivy Bridge Motherboards Launching

Engadget just posted a story stating that Asus is launching their MOBOs for Ivy Bridge.

Now, question: Does that motherboard work with an i5-2500k? I'm getting ready to do a build and getting one of these boards that would work with the Ivy Bridge for a potential upgrade in a year or two is tempting rather than getting one that can't.

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  1. Yeah, it will work with the i5-2500k, the only difference between it and the current Z68 MB's is that these support PCIe 3.0, which is pretty much pointless since there isn't anything that is going to be able to use the added bandwidth for quite a while.

    Anyhow answer to your first question, yes it will work with the i5
  2. Man the PCIe 3.0 frenzy is driving me NUTS! The PCIe 3.0 offers and will offer (0) zero benefits until: 1. File-13/eBay SB CPU, 2. File-13/eBay PCIe 2.x GPU(s), 3. Five maybe even longer years before the 'current' GPU(s) can touch the PCIe 2.x x16 lanes.

    P8Z68-Deluxe/GEN3, P8Z68-V Pro/GEN3 and P8Z68-V/GEN3

    These are ALL LGA 1155 Z68 MOBO's with some half-a$$ PCIe 3.0 GPU switch chipset to the GPU <=> CPU lanes only. Yes, the current Sandy Bridge and forthcoming Ivy Bridge BOTH use the LGA 1155 slot. If the goal is to achieve PCIe 3.0 'performance' gains then wait until the BOTH the Ivy Bridge and NEW Chipsets this coming Spring 2012.

    The benefits to the PCIe 3.0 are going to be mainly for the current 'shared' USB/add-on SATA/etc and not the GPUs!
  3. So you all recommend not worrying about it and buying a Asus Deluxe P8?
  4. That or waiting till Feb or March for the new chipsets as Jaquith said...
  5. ^+1 yep

    Did you see the Gigabyte fraud with their PCIe 3.0 "support" ->,13377.html All this PCIe 3.0 'stuff' is aimed towards the 'suckers' out there to sell snake oil.
  6. I can't wait that long as this computer is failing. The i5-2500k is still powerful though and probably won't be blown away by Ivy Bridge, I suspect.
  7.,13485.html And gigabyte replies to the false accusations, not to downplay msi or ga.

    But I do agree this pcie 3.0 is a load of crap, giving people a false sense of future proofing. If you want IB get a IB chipset, those mobos are not IB, they are SB. The 2500k is still plenty powerful just like how the 760 is still plenty powerful.
  8. Yeah, but did you 'read' the crapola from the second and third options?!

    The only thing that gets my attention now for GPUs is how many are supported. As I've said PCIe 3.0 gets my attention on the add-on chipset side and nothing for quite sometime on the GPU side for 'bandwidth.'
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