Thoughts on this build?

So I am trying to piece together a build for myself.

Requirements are:
Motherboard - USB3.0, Upgradeability, 1156 socket..I am thinking the board I picked is a little bit overkill
CPU - I have kind of fallen head over heals for the I5 760
Video - dual dvi out as well as a HDMI out. Other then that, I am just looking for something that will handle my 52 inch flatscreen without dying on me.
Memory - whatever is relevant but shooting in the 4gb range
Noise - I was aiming for a case with big fans to minimize sound...ATX board but would like a mid sized tower/Media center unit
Gaming - NONE
OC'ing - NONE
Parts - I like Intel
Websites - whatever makes sense
Price Range - I'd really like to drop down to the mid to low 800s... So i need to cut about $75-100 off.

Usage - combination of work/play. Work consists of LARGE virtual machines. Play is video and music to a large screen TV.

Thanks to anyone in advance who can add their thoughts on places I can trim down on any excess fat..and I know nothing about PSUs so help their would be appreciated...And any thoughts on a case that doesn't look like a "gamer" case......actually any thoughts in general would be more than welcome!

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  1. You can't get triple channel ram, 2 2gig sticks....(imma on my phone, i'll explain later. Or another forumer will.) G.skill preferably....
    Get spinpoint f3 instead of wd....( do you need 2tb?)
    Maybe a cheaper case?(I'll find a "non gamer" case later)
    Cheaper gpu, if you aren't gaming or doing anything intensive you don't need a 460
    If you are looking at upgradability stay with 700ish Psu
  2. CPU - You say you've fallen for the 760, yet you've got the 650 in your link! Get the 760 :)

    Mobo - That is indeed overkill. Depending on your budget, get the $149 ASUS P7P55D-E or the $105 ASUS P7H55/USB3 if you're not looking to SLI.

    RAM - I can't really comment on allcomponents RAM. I'll go with $85 Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1600

    HDD - Lose the Cavier Green. If you really want WDC, go with Cavier Black or even Blue. Else get a $109 SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 2TB

    GPU - It is a no brainer. Faster GPU for lesser - $220 EVGA GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) FTW 1GB

    Case - Keep your case.

    PSU - You won't need any more than 550 as long as you don't wanna SLI. Even then, I'll prolly go with a 80-90 dollar CM/Corsair etc. For now, $50 OCZ Fatal1ty 550W

    ODD - I don't see one in your build. If you don't already have one, get a $20 LG SATA 22X DVD Burner - Bulk LightScribe Support

    EDIT - Why would you choose a discrete GPU - any discrete GPU - if you're a total non gamer?

    Get the H55 board that I linked earlier in this post and that will cut out the need for any discrete GPU. The on-chip i5 Video is plenty good even for casual light gaming especially at <1080p.

    If you really badly need one get anything ranging from a 4650/4670 to a GT430-GTS 450 on the absolute high end.
  3. I guess you want a PC for normal usage, which also should double up as HTPC right ?
    This is what you will need...
    CPU -
    i3 540 - IMO the i5 650 just offers a better onboard graphics, which will not be important as you will be using a discrete card...

    Mobo - This would suffice

    RAM - Again here dont go overboard, stick with 4GB

    CASE - Why not a HTPC case ?
    CASE + PSU

    Need to buy PSU if going with these -
    PSU for the above -

    Video card - This would suffice
    HD 5750 or GTS 450
    (Actually an overkill if you ask me)
  4. Thanks all. For some reason that link went COMPLETELY haywire. Its not my build at all. I ll repost the link with a few corrections to it and see what ppl think...

    The main purpose of the Video/GPU is driving dual monitors via DVI AND have hdmi to my flatscreen..and that video card had some good reviews. I ll repost the link as soon as I get to a PC...

    Thanks again!
  5. Do you really need 2 TB??

    triple channel is supported by X58 core i7s, and is basically, 3, 6, 12, ect... Dual channel is supported by everything else, and is 2, 4, 8, 16...

    I'd get something like a 6850....
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