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Saphire 4830


So, my problem just started tonight. I had an update for windows (7 Ultimate) for my ATI Radeon 4830.

After the update, my mouse will now flicker when using any 3D application (such as WoW) and my framerates have dropped to the basement, as I averaged 61 FPS prior, and am now getting 1-19.

I have ATI Traytools and Speedfan running, I've never OC'd my videocard, but I like to keep tabs on heat and all.

Rolling back the driver isn't working. My system is recognizing the card and everything.

Any help would be appreciated!
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    Download and install driver sweeper:

    Download the latest VGA driver:

    Uninstall your current ATI driver and restart and boot to safe mode
    go to my computer - click "uninstall or change a program"
    find amd or ati graphics drivers/ catalyst control panel and click uninstall

    safe mode - press f8 after restarting after post but before windows logo
    or - type msconfig into start menu search and hit enter - select boot tab - select safeboot (remember to undo this after all is finished)

    In safe mode run driver sweeper - click on ATI - click on Clean and restart (make sure to reverse safeboot in msconfig) and boot normally to windows

    Install driver you downloaded earlier.

    Courtesy of Maziar
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