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Hello Chuck,

I was asking about burning multiple copy's of content that I created myself. This is content of a Chapel/Church service that was filmed with my personal camera. It is my ministry to put it on DVD and give it to people that want it so that they can go back and relive the 1st time experience. I did see a DVD burner for sale that would burn 15 DVD's @ 1 time, it cost $1285.00. I don't know that I am into spending that knid of money for this hobby that I have developed.

kevin in the desert
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  1. How many do you think you are going to have to do? If its a smallish amount then just buy a heap of 5.25" standard DVD burners and put them in your PC. There around only $25 each and you'll be limited to around 5 depending on your motherboard.

    If thats not enough then I suggest you look for block DVD burners, though it will be much slower if its connected by USB and the price you quoted is very expensive.
  2. Indeed, the best thing is probably (depending on volume) to get a set of cheap drives to do 4 or 5 at a time, or a single good quality drive with high write speed (and media that can keep up) and just do them one at a time. As long as you're in the house and pop over to the PC every 15 mins or so you can do a surprising number during a day when you're getting on with other things.
  3. There are several companies that make multi-disk burners in all configurations and price ranges. Here are a couple of places we buy them from.
    While they sell high end printer/duplicator publishing machines like I use in our plant, they also sell budget models as well.
    If you don't find anything there that suits you, many places like CDW sell 2,3,4,6 burner towers as well for very little.
    But in the end, it does come down to budget and what you are trying to do, and how many you want to do at once.
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