Perfect streaming video card

I need a card that is absolutely perfect for streaming video.

Why is this such a tall order?

If I play netflix on my ps3 or xbox it looks flawless.

I just bought a whole new computer to do this on a PC and it still kinda sucks.

I have a core i7 870, Gigabyte H55M-UD2H mobo, XFX ATI Radeo HD5670, 4GB dual channel Ram 1333MHz, Win7-64bit.

And yes, either game system still detroys the streaming video quality.

What is the deal here?

Any ideas about what I am missing?
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  1. Choppy? or blurry? what?

    What player? browser?
    If the games are fine then it most likely your software...
  2. Its choppy.

    I've tried it through Chrome and Internet Explorer.

    The software Netflix runs on is MS Silverlight.

    I don't really have any other option.

    I haven't played any games on this box yet, but even if I had, probably that is more of a test of the 3D quality of the card and not so much how it handles the flash video.

    Thanks for reading the thread!
  3. then it's time to try some games, if the choppy happened on games too then try to update the driver to the latest one...
  4. It's probably not the card. Try disabling virus checkers and removing unnecessary programs. It could also be your internet connection.

    To the card there is little to no difference between streaming and local content, if it can play local content fine then something is keeping the video from getting to the card.
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