Should I upgrade?

Current specs
Q6600 @ 400x8- 3.2ghz
GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R LGA 775 (rev. 1.0)
2x2GB G-skill PC6400 DDR2 800
XFX GTX 260 192 core
750w Corsair PSU (Modular)
Monitor 22'' 1680x1050

I am curious would it be wise to upgrade my system? The reason I ask is my current system still does its job in gaming front BUT I got a buyer for my motherboard/ram/cpu for $250 and for a extra $150 I could buy the below.

Memory (Must be low profile)

Plus if I reuse my Xigmatek S1283 cooler and get the 1155 bracket total price comes to $412. ($162 out of pocket). I was told the i5 2500k was getting 4.0ghz+ clocks on low voltages and produces less heat than my 65nm chip. Some are so lucky as to get 4.5ghz+ on air with no issues.
My question is the performance worth it or should I pass this deal and wait for bulldozer or prices to drop? At $250 the guy is pretty much paying premium for used but at the same time I dunno.

I have never tried SLI and not sure if I should spend extra for one and it would open me up to SATA3 for when the price on SSDs are worth while but I am just on the line. I try not to upgrade when its not needed...but this is a unique situation you know?

One question I did have was....I was told SATA3 leeches off the PCI-e bandwidth on the older boards. With the new P67 is this still a issue and would it effect my GPU?

If you agree then my other question is items good to go or is there better options out there?
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    I would jump on it!
    I would just upgrade to a better card later.
  2. I also would upgrade and as rolli already said, get a better GPU.
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