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i have chosen the parts for my build and i just wanted to know some good tips for building (this is my first time)
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  1. Put mobo on top of foam packaging
    Install CPU
    Install RAM
    Install Cooler
    Remember to put standoffs in case
    Put mobo in case
    You might have to put your HDD, DVD and PSU in case before putting mobo in, see how much room you have and what angles things need to be slotted in before hand
    You might want to hook up your 4/8 pin mobo power cable before putting mobo in case because it's often tricky after.
    Hook up all your PSU/SATA/PowerbuttonEtc cables
    Install GPU, plug PCIe power cable into GPU

  2. awesome thanks, im sure this will help me when i come around to start building
  3. Take a look at tecmo's guide, it will walk you through the whole thing
  4. ty, im sure itll be useful
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