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What I need do:
I have 3x1080p television screens where each need to play a 1080p video on each screen. While playing there should be subtitles on two of the videos while the third has sound (interchangeable).

My "possible" solution:
Grab a GFX card with Eyeinfinity (5770/5850 less/more?). Create a video-file with a custom resolution(5760x1080) to contain the different video material and hardcode subtitles where it is needed and use different sound channels for the different screens and fade between them.

Is this plausible or do someone have a better solution? Please let me know if you want me to elaborate something.

Maybe it better to use 2-3 computers, 3 custom videos and synchronise it somehow. I just don't know an easy/good method for this.

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  1. I'm guessing a 5770 should be able to do this, however it will only game properly on one screen with 1920x1080 res or less.

    I'd say open 3 VLC windows and do the videos via there...
  2. Well before posting here I read this thread, where a guy with a 5850 tried 2x1080 files with VLC which seemed to work decent but not with 3.

    I also looked into "VLC Video Wall" and "Sync multiple computers"

    The wall thing seems like a good idea if the gfx card can handle it, to my understanding it still requires the 5760x1080 video input. They other person posting in the link above seems to have trouble with the synchronization between multiple computers with VLC.

    To sum it up
    I need to be sure that the GFX card can handle it or if I should look for a different approach. I'm also interested in other peoples thoughts and possible solutions.
  3. Well, I'd have said a 5770 could hack it, but seeing as you've found otherwise it might be that you have to go for A) a 5870 or B) 2x GTX 460's in SLi(better option IMO)

    ~ Get 2x MSi Cyclones, Asus DirectCU's or Palit Sonic Platinum's.

    Problem solved :)
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