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New build using some from old build...opinions please...

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November 3, 2010 12:44:22 PM

Ok, so I initially decided to upgrade my 2007 build with a few new parts and a few parts from that build. Here is what I had:

Intel Q6600
Asus P5E LGA 755
EVGA 8800 GTS 512MB
WD Raptor 150 & 74 GB HDD
Seagate 500 GB HDD
4GB G. Skill DDR 2 1000
Asus Supre FX II Audio Card
LG Lightscribe DVD Burner
Corsair HX620w PSU
Zalman 9700 CPU Cooler
Antec P180 Case
Dell 24” LCD
Win 7 32-bit
Cheap Sony wireless headphones

Everything has been running fine, but I just have the urge to upgrade after 3 years. I used to upgrade every year, but I just didn’t need to do it this time around for some reason.

Here is what I am planning on upgrading to.

** denotes what I have not purchased yet

Intel I7 950 ($229.00)
Asus Sabertooth 1366 ($184.00)
**Evga GTX460 or 470 ( I am considering also the ATI 5870. Could have gotten one onsale for $299.00 ) ($300.00 max )
WD Raptor 150GB and Seagate 500GB ($ N/A )
**G.Skill SSD 120 GB Phoenix Pro or the OCZ 120GB Vertex 2 ( $200.00 max )
6GB G. Skill DDR3 1600 Pi series CAS 7 ( $154.00 )
**HT Omega Striker or SB X-Fi Titanium ($89.00 Max)
LG Lightscribe DVD Burner (N/A)
Corsair HX620w ( I can get the **Corsair HX850 PSU for $119.00. Not sure if I should upgrade )
Zalman 9900 CPU Cooler ( I was this close to getting the Corsair H50, but I just cant get past the water leak fear ) ($49.00)
Antec P180 case (N/A)
**27” Asus LED Backlit LCD or Samsung P2770FH LCD ($350.00 max)
Win 7 64-bit (N/A)
**Logitech G930 or G35…or Turtle Beach DPX21…Or Razer Megalodon Headphones. ($150.00 max)

-I thought and researched about the MB for a while. For price and features it came down to the Sabertooth or the Asus P5X58D-E. For the price and reviews, I felt the Saberttoth would be fine.
-I am still not sold on the SSD drives. I hear great things about their speed, but it the longevity that worries me.
-The graphics card I want to be the last thing I get. I like the GTX460, but I would like to get the 470. I just keep hearing about the added heat and power consumption. I will see what comes out the end of this month also.
-As for the PSU, I keep hearing the HX620w will power my new system, but r $119.00 I can get the 850HX and have it for future upgrades. Not sure yet.
-The Zalman 9900 gets great reviews and I was on sale for $30.00 off. My old Zalman worked like a charm. I did want to get the H50 or H70 or a Noctua Cooler, but for the price, the Zalmen looked nice.
-I love the P180 case. Nice and simple and plenty of room. Not sure what is even out there in the way of new cases. I am afraid to look 
-As for the monitor…I am going to sell my Dell 24” and get one of those 27” models. I do like the Samsung. I have three of their TV’s. The Asus with the LED backlight looks nice also. Wish Samsung had a 27” LED BL LCD
-Lastly, the headphones I am looking to get should have 5.1 or 7.1 surround. Wireless would be nice, but a wire wont bother me. I think I am leaning towards the Turtle Beach DPX21 with the optical input.

Tell me what you think…

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November 3, 2010 4:29:49 PM

Looks like you're on the right track! I agree with most of your choices, i7, Sabertooth is nice, P180 is beautiful, etc. Here are my other thoughts / comments...

I haven't been a fan of sound cards since the good old days of computer building... And I really don't notice the difference between the X-Fi and onboard sound on a good motherboard with my G35 headset. Haven't tried the HT Omega though. I wouldn't recommend a sound card unless you were going all-out and getting some expensive Sennheiser headphones or something like that.

SSDs are better now than they used to be for longevity, but don't have the best... value to me. I tried one in my home computer to see the difference, and yeah it's nice to have things load more quickly, but it's not that big of a deal really. Go for the Vertex 2 I'd say if you wanted one of those two. The one I'll buy next will be an OCZ RevoDrive or something like it (those PCI-E hard drives with ridiculous read/write speed).

For your video card, I'd say go for an OC version of the GTX 460. I picked up a MSI Talon Hawk Attack or something (810mhz clock) for about $210. They actually run faster than the stock 470s, while being cooler and quieter. Or drop that SSD completely and go SLI....

The 620w PSU will be fine, only upgrade if you're going SLI or adding 10 more hard drives.

Zalman coolers are quite nice, I run a CNPS10x extreme myself. CM Hyper 212+ is another nice cheap CPU cooler that works super well if you'd like to save a few bucks.

And I've got 2 G35 headsets myself, so you know my recommendation there...

Hope that helps!