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Upgrade CPU or GPU?

Long time reader, first time poster here: I have an E6300 Conroe on a GA-965P-S3 rev. 1.0 mobo and would like to get better fps in my games (HL2 - All variations & Dragon Age). My current GPU is a PNY 9800GT (1Gb). Should I expect performance gains from an HD 5770 or is my CPU going to bottleneck it?
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  1. You should overclock that CPU.The e6300 is known to go to 3 GHz. If you do that there will be no bottleneck.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I have a stock cooler so am a little concerned about overclocking. Started last night and got to x7 and 310 FSB - CPU temp reached 65C, but didn't really play with voltages. Could you give me any suggestions to go from here? Will I need to get better cooling?
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    You can get a new aftermarket cpu cooler like the coolermaster hyper 212+.It will not cost you much.If your case can support a side fan, get one to blow air directly on to the CPU heatsink.That should further aid in cooling.Upgrading to a 5770 will give you a good boost, though you could wait for the new ATi cards which are coming out in November.
  4. Thanks again. I'll give it a try. If anything fails, I'll just be forced to upgrade (no arm twisting required.)
  5. See my rig below, i have E6300 and GA 965P-DS3 (rev 1.0) too... :)
    I want to get hyper 212+ but it's so hard to find here in my country, so i choose Zigmatek, it drop the temps more than 10'C (depend on room temps).
    You can OC it to 2.3GHz (1.8GHz stock) without raising the VCore.
  6. Possibly try and overclock your cpu to at least 2.3-2.5GHz
    You do not need to buy a new gpu yet, but when you do; wait for what the Radeon 6 series brings us before deciding right now.
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