How do i know what email program i use

i want to add image stationery to my job email and i dont know if the emailing rogram is outlook or live email or other. In the stationery, at email options, there is no direct option for adding a image. The browser is safary.
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  1. Ok. So you use a web browser to log on to your email? They you are not using a mail client, just an internet based email service. What is the email website you log on to? The add photo function is usually a small icon of a picture on top of the edit text box.
  2. If you do indeed have a seperate mail client, most programs list their name in the title bar at top.
  3. Using sationary is a bad idea, it's pretty, but hard to read text over it, and uses up a lot more space per email. Ever go to a web site with a background image, with small black text all over it and try to read it? Would be like that. Unelss you use a very faint light image as the background.
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