First Try Reloaded - Thoughts/Help

Hey All, this may seem like a repost and it kind of is. My first post had a bad link to the build on newegg. Thanks again to all

So I am trying to piece together a build for myself.

Requirements are:
Motherboard - USB3.0, Upgradeability, 1156 socket..
CPU - I have kind of fallen head over heals for the I5 760
Video - dual dvi out as well as a HDMI out. Other then that, I am just looking for something that will handle my 52 inch flatscreen without dying on me. The GPU I picked was a little on the high end but it was getting some great reviews.
Memory - whatever is relevant but shooting in the 4gb range
Noise - I was aiming for a case with big fans to minimize sound...ATX board but would like a mid sized tower/Media center unit
Gaming - NONE
OC'ing - NONE
Parts - I like Intel
Websites - whatever makes sense
Price Range - I'd really like to drop down to the mid to low 800s... So i need to cut about $75-100 off.

Usage - combination of work/play. Work consists of LARGE virtual machines and a lot of multitasking. Play is video and music to a large screen TV.

Thanks to anyone in advance who can add their thoughts on places I can trim down on any excess fat..and I know nothing about PSUs so help their would be appreciated...And any thoughts on a case that doesn't look like a "gamer" case but still has some large fans?......actually any thoughts in general would be more than welcome!
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  1. I don't suppose you have a microcenter near you....760's are only $169.99. that would go a long way towards reaching your goal.
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