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Im about to purchase some parts for a new gaming budget pc, the only thing im struggling with is choosing the right motherboard for my setup.

i3 2100 (100 euros)
8 GB DDR3 (40 euros)
1 TB HDD (55 euros)
DVD-BURNER (20 euros)
CASE (50 euro)

*I will use my old MSI NX8800GT GFX card
* I will use my old ASUS A55GA 550W PSU

(*i will eventually replace these in the near future but theyre good enough for now, budget wise)

Total = 265 euros (About 360 Dollars)

The mobo must have SATA3 (6.0GB/S) for my hdd
Other then that i dont know what to look for really.. i did some research and there are some benefits of choosing for example the p67 chipset instead of a h61, even though i cant overclock my cpu, but i do want to purchase a mobo for the future for when i decide to upgrade to a better cpu with OC ability, a z68 sounds nice aswell, my price would be around 70 euro (100 dollars) i dont want alot of mumbo jumbo on the board that people barely use. is there such a board? :D i know relative question.. oh it doesnt have to have sli or crossfire, 1 gpu will be enough, main reason for this pc is games, audio and video editting

thx for ur time!
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  1. Here's a good MSI for what you are looking for

    And a gigabyte

    Asus's board comes in with a little higher pricetag

    Those are all going to do pretty much the same thing, and all three are good brands. I personally stick with Asus and Gigabyte, but MSI has gotten some good feedback as of recently. Z68 wouldn't really be worth the extra money for you, since you have a dedicated GPU.
  2. alright after a little more research i decided to go with the z68 pro3, it costs a little bit more then my original budget 94 euro (126 dollars) but its future proof, it has everything i need and want in the future :) OC ability, SATA3, USB3, 7.1 HD AUDIO, and ofcourse the lucid virtu, if someone has a better mobo for a better/same/cheaper price or some other suggestions feel free to still post, im gonna order the mobo on monday. thx
  3. That is definitely a good board especially if you want to upgrade in the future.

    The asus brand is solid, and they make great components.

    If it has everything you want, there is nothing wrong with it.
  4. jep thx, ill check out your suggestions when the links start to work again
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