Fans spin for 1 sec after power switched on then stop.

I've done some research on the subject already, the background is this: The PC in question is an emachines t2984. Typical issue with this PC is the power supply goes and takes the motherboard with it. Which is what happened. I bought a new PS, found a "new" INTEL D845GVSRL mobo for cheap. Switched everything over, turned it on. It booted windows, asked me to activate windows, in which i started to research that on my other pc, and then the emachines shut down. Now I can turn the switch on, fans try to start and spin, and nothing. Disconnected everything but main power, fan power, and ram. Still nothing. Tried mobo out of case to check for short on case, nothing. I thought it might be an overheating issue so i took the chip and heatsink off one more time, cleaned them up good, re-applied thermal compound, and still nothing. Can I check anything? Did something fry? Any suggestions would help alot.
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  1. Hello and welcome to THG.

    If the original emachines had shorting issues, it is because the PSU would fail. This may have happened. I would try to get a new PSU,( not the same one though,) and restart the unit again with the new PSU.
  2. Thank you for the welcome, although i've been lurking here unregistered for a while now. I did buy a new PSU though, i think i might have typed "PS" in my orginal post, but no new power switch was bought, just a new power supply and motherboard.
  3. Good. A new mobo and PSU should do you good. Post back when everything works.

    WARNING: A short may have damaged some parts of certain to most components of your computer. This may cause future issues if parts are not checked.
  4. i already replaced the mobo and psu, i know the psu is good, the mobo is in question at this point in my opinion.
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