Research Research, prices always change, this a good setup?

Parts not needed: Harddrive (WD Green 1TB) Monitor Keyboard/Mouse

Trying to build the BEST but CHEAPEST computer I can to run games like Left 4 Dead 2, WoW, Bioshock, Halo series.

I posted here last week about my build that I had decided using NCIX, but seeing some good deals on with good discounts I've had to rebuild my system using Newegg (I'd like to buy all from one to save shipping costs). I think I put a system together that is $380 after MIR's? Would be $425 with a HDD, but I already bought that...

So this is the one I put together... Hoping to pull the trigger by Friday..

Any parts on here that are a bad idea? I'm fairly ignorant about motherboards , but I think everything else is good?

Anything missing?

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  1. What is your monitor resolution? Have you checked to see if a 5550 will let you play those games at an acceptable rate? A 5550 isnt a gaming graphics card. For double the price you get 4-6 times the graphics speed.
  2. Lowest price 5770 card I found was Gigabyte: $123 after rebate

    XFX lowest is $143 after rebates

    The 5550 card I mentioned is $43 after rebates... So that is nearly 300% increase in price...

    Here's the review from TH that made me go 5550 route:,2761-2.html

    Another option is the next card down on that review, the 5670 for $84 after rebates.
  3. What is you resolution? If your main reason for your computer is gaming, get the 5770. I would rather have a $550 gaming computer that can actually play games than a $450 gaming computer that can`t play anything.
  4. Good advice guys, thank you. I suppose my issue is not 100% knowing what I am going to do with the computer. Initially, my plans were HD movies, video encoding, multi-table online poker with a database running, things like that smoothly.

    But this gaming thing seems like it could be fun :)
  5. A 5550 would be fine for online poker and HD movies, but would not provide the realistic graphics rendering that good newer games are capable of.

    Look at some of the gaming performance charts on the 550 article. Even the 5670 cant get playable FPS above medium-low settings on contemporary games on a 20 inch LCD monitor.,2704-11.html

    The 5670 seems like a great card for the price, perhaps it is worth buying a more powerful PSU ?

    Like this one: 550W Corsair 80+ certified
  7. If all your running those games a hd4850 will do very well.
  8. After 400CX, the Corsair Builder series aren't in the same class: i.e weaker amps on the 12V and not 80+ certified so i'd hit another 80+ PSU
  9. batuchka said:
    After 400CX, the Corsair Builder series aren't in the same class: i.e weaker amps on the 12V and not 80+ certified so i'd hit another 80+ PSU

    This a good one? Seasonic 80+ Bronze 620W
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    Seasonic is always good, but you don't need teh 620. the 520W is $10 cheaper
  11. Seasonic 520 and 620 are both great PSUs for a good price. I have the 520 in a system running a 5770, it can easily handle a 5670.
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