Crucial M4 SSD and Windows Vista

I have a Windows Vista operating system without TRIM support. I was wondering as to what I should do to offset the lack of TRIM on Windows Vista short of upgrading to Windows 7? Do I have to worry about lack of TRIM or is it ok?
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  1. TRIM will keep the SSD working as fast as new where when you have no trim, data simply write over and over and if you delete it, it stays in place until the drive will be full and have no more space to write, then it will overwrite this deleted data chunks...

    TRIM simply delete them completly to have free space all the time as if you overwrite, you need to delete, verify if the bit is empty, rewrite and check if all data is ok and you lose time doing that so performance drop...

    TRIM will ensure that you only need to write and check to make sure you get the fastest performance out of your old drive (it also preserve it longer as it remove very used bit and activate a "overprovisionning" bit to never have failure over time (if your drive support it **Generally, they have like 120gb compare to 128gb so they have 8gb of new spare bits...)
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