Monitor display driver has stopped responding

Hello everyone,

I got this problem, where my screen freezes(cant even move the mouse) and then it pops a message saying monitor display driver nvlddmkm has stopped responding and it has been recovered.

This firstly occured like 3 years ago, 2 months after I bought the computer and after since its happening like once every 3-4 months. Sometimes it was also poping a BSoD and everything seemed fine after(except for some cases where the blue screen kept poping like 3-4min after the pc had booted, in which cases i was shutting it down for some hours/a day and next time it booted it was fine.

Yesterday around 8 pm I booted the computer normally and the freeze thingy happened like 5 times in a row(while weird lines of many different colours were appearing everywhere) and the message about the display driver came along.
These 5 freezes were followed up by a Blue screen which restarted my computer which booted normally but then it happened again right after. This happened a few times and at some point I didn't event have enough time to click the turn off option.

EDIT: Something else I forgot to mention is that my monitor seemed like it lost signal from the computer(the blue light turned orange as if it was ready for me to turn it off, even though the computer seemed like it kept working normally). This happened like twice.(Has occured a few times in the past also, restarting was the only thing I could do for the monitor to keep on working).

I then had to push the restart button and start the computer in safe mode (after pluging an analog keybord since for some reason my usb keybord was not working, making me unable to choose safe mode). I managed to start the computer without getting freeze and blue screen problem again, though graphics were still weird(both when the computer got restarted and the big motherboard's icon that appears had strange dots on it and also when pc was in safe mode the backround instead of being fully black,it had weird lines(not always straight) with many colours.

After starting my pc in safe mode i went to All programms--> accesories-->system tools-->system restore and i chose the most old date i could(which was like 3 days ago).
PC got rebooted and everything was fine(in normal mode). I played games while talking with friends etc and when I was about to go to bed I decided not to turn off the computer(which is something I do very frequently lately without any problems).
This morning when I woke up I went to the computer and moved the mouse and pushed a few buttons for it to return from sleep mode. Nothing was happening. I had to restart the computer once again. Everything seemed they were loading fine but after the part where the windows loaded and the "Welcome" Message would appear, nothing happened. No message, no sound, no nothing. Black screen(with lighting though and the monitor turn on/off button was blue not orange) with a mouse in the middle was there. I had to restart, pluging the second keybord immidiately and going safe mode. I once again did a system restore to the oldest date(which was like 1 day after the my last oldest date restore. That first old date did not exist anymore) but when it rebooted it was stuck again there( at the part where it should be saying "Welcome", having a black screen instead.

Ever since iv tried restarting endless times and even ran that memory check feature which didn't find any problems. Any ideas what could be wrong and what could I do to fix it?

Theoritically it shouldent bother me much since by the end of this week I'm going to have a new motherboard, CPU, GPU and RAM for the upgrade I wanted to do anyway but Id like to install my current ones to a different computer case.

My Current Spec: nVidia 8800 GTX, Core 2 Duo 3.00 GHz, 3GB RAM, 750W PSU, Vista Home 32bit

Thanks in Advance and excuse me for any grammatical mistakes (english is not my native language) and the wall of text :)
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  1. Also another thing I forgot to mention: At the moment I cant get my computer to be fully booted(not even in safe mode), therefore I cant check and/or update any drivers or download any windows updates.
  2. Sounds as though you may have a hardware problem with the GPU, considering it's always been the nVidia driver that crashes. You could certainly install the new GPU in this system and see if that resolves the problem. :) Then you'll know for sure.
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