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I just got my Intel i7 860 up and running.
Not an expert so I want to ask something.

I want my CPU to last some years, so I won't overclock it. I'm also using the stock cooler from Intel.

I like SpeedStep Tech as it spins the speed down when great performances aren't required, so the CPU can "relax".
Now, Turbo Boost is also cool, but when gaming or using big apps CPU often goes above 3 Ghz. Isn't that a kind of (auto)overclock? As I said I do not want to overclock it. Now, my question is. Is Turbo Boost Tech dangerous as I use the stock cooler? Tell me the advantages to keep Turbo Boost on or off.

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  1. Turbo boost is perfectly safe to use since Intel designed it into the CPU. It will keep the CPU thermal performance (i.e. heat and power output) within a pre-defined range, so there is no danger. It's basically extra speed at no extra cost, so there is no reason to turn it off.
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