I am running WIN7 OS Nvidia 5200 AGP card. I up graded to a GeForce6200 256MB D

I installed nvidia geforce 6200 256MBDDR2 AGP card, Mi OS is WIN7 my OS RAM is DDR3200 with a total of 1.250 GB. current AGP card is GeForce 5200 and all runs fine. When I install the GeForce6200 card (it is a AGP card also) and reboot my computer it installs a microsoft driver for the card and I install a driver i downloaded for WIN7 & VISTA from NVIDIA for win7 and restart as instructed All i get is the blue screen of death and a notice that i have installed new hardware/drivers and to re install, i do so and keep getting the same message. if i reinstall the old iido card start in safe mode and reinstall the old driver all is well .What do idoto correct this problem.

thank you

tom mitchell

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  1. You need to completely remove the drivers for your previous card before putting in the new card.. Use driversweeper to do so..
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