Hello I've got a problem wile gaming my CPU's clock goes down from 1.8GHZ to 789 MHz and than after 5 min of waiting in game the CPU goes op to 1.8 again and it keeps going the whole time
I am Battlefield Play4free Beta while it happened

Acer 5520
AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual-core processor TK-55 (1.8GHz 2 x 256 KB L2 cashe)

Nvidia geforce 7000M


120 GB HDD

Please help me with this problem thanks !!
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  1. Run HW monitor and see if its overheating
  2. thanks will do it now1
  3. it stay's normal for a while on 75-79 degrees but the game lags and the clock drops at the same temperature after a while
    after closing the game clock goes to 1800 MHz and stays there and temperature goes to 60-70
  4. Definitely sounds like a cooling issue the maximum temperature for the chip is 63C see http://products.amd.com/en-us/DesktopCPUDetail.aspx?id=27&f1=AMD+Athlon%E2%84%A2+FX&f2=&f3=&f4=1024&f5=&f6=&f7=&f8=&f9=&f10=False&f11=False&f12=
    so when it reaches the mid 70s in throttles it down to stop it dying. You need to either try reseating the CPU cooler or upgrade it.
  5. that is the wrong model its says FX 55 ??? its TK-55 and its a laptop sorry about that i forget to say so
  6. Sorry I got them mixed up I cann't find the max temp for the TK-55 but I think the problem is the same. Being a laptop I suggest you try taking the keyboard out and blowing as much dust out of all the fans you can and check they are all spinning. You could try running it with the keyboard out as this improves the coolng.
  7. i opened my laptop a lot and cleaned the fan and the whole laptop is dust free
    this problem really enoys me i cant even play game but there is something else when i played Fiesta online a MMORPG the cpu goes normal
    at this FPS the cpu goes crazy so what can the problem be than???????
  8. To prove if its a heat issue or not you could run prime 95 and see if the CPU throttles down or not.
  9. i will try Thanks!!
  10. simon12 said:
    To prove if its a heat issue or not you could run prime 95 and see if the CPU throttles down or not.

    hi, i found something intresting today

    i downloaded a MMORPG calles : ACE ONLINE but it works alright no clock going down and smooth gameplay so far
    but when i go back to Battlefield the clock goes to 759 again i noticed when i get to 759 MHz the CPU stays that way for 1-10 min and then the GPU temp goes to 85-90 Celsius after the CPU pops back to normal the GPU gets back to 80 Celsius

    please tell me what to do
  11. It still sounds like a heat issue to me so try the prime 95 option and see what happens.
  12. i cant run that *** my PC lags like hell and the game wont play it takes 2 GB RAM OF MY LAPTOP!!!
  13. Run it on its own not when your doing anything else
  14. it runs normal than only problems in games
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