VIDEO/USB issue with 890fxa-gd65

For those experiencing this issue I've made this thread to hopefully move away from individual
case by case to a collective overeaching thread in hopes we can consolidate and eliminate the issues.

What we know:
A very serious issue has come up in multiple threads regarding symptoms as follows

•It effects USB/VIDEO power
•Power to Videocard is gone
•All power to USB is gone
•Some case fans remain on(CPU FAN)
•Must be rebooted by unplugging power supply or switching it on and off(case power buttons do not work)
•Most commonly occurs durring gaming(can happen durring intense video)

We know that this is more than a few users having this issue.

What has been tried:
The following have been reported to not help across multiple threads.
This is not to assume that all issues are solved using the same techniques

•Memory speed set to 1333hz with no overclocking for stability
•Memory is tested using memtest or stress testing
•Videocard is stress tested and tempatures are within normal opperating tempatures
•"Unganged" set to "ganged"
•Memory timings set to "t2" if at "t1" for stability
•Latest Bios update installed
•Latest Windows Updates installed
•Latest Drivers installed
•USB 3.0 Turned off for stability
•Replacing PSU, Videocard seems to do nothing

If you have taken these steps and still recieve this issue, please post your settings from CPU-Z

Threads linking to this issue <-- Read the cons of most posts. They will allude to this issue as well.

I tried posting this several times in msi forums but was removed by BAS as he believes its not an issue with the motherboard but people that are using it.
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  1. I'm having the same exact problem and I'm starting to get really pissed that newegg wouldn't refund this piece of crap.

    I thought it might be a PSU issue and I'm looking at getting a Corsair TX-650 but if its going to be a waste of money I might as well save for a different board...
  2. Yea best bet at the moment is rma the board.
  3. I actually got this refunded a few days ago after calling newegg (I guess my email to them was lost in the system).

    Going to get a gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 or something along those lines. The Asus Crosshair V has a very high DOA rate too and I just want a working machine at this point for bf3.

    Good riddance to that board. I had at least 3 different types of crashes with it including the one described here.
  4. Really? How long ago did you buy it?
  5. Hello I was wondering if any one has solved this issue yet? The issue is all the above although it doesn't necessarily happen during gaming or intense video, it can happen randomly with no patterns whatsoever. Seeing as I require 24/7 uptime for my PC I really do wish there was more discussion on this particular topic. Please get involved. I tried switching from "auto" to 2T and to no avail. Now I currently have it set to "unganged" to see if this fixes my issue.
  6. I tried all the "solutions" that msi moderators suggested (the ones compiled by original poster of this thread) and it is true that none of them fix it. MSI is willing to defend their product all the way it would seem. I was wondering if maybe I were to switch out the RAM to some verified for this board, would this fix the problem? I don't have the warranty for this board and it would be a shame if I wasted 150$ on it :(. It runs nice whenever it doesn't randomly "shut down".
  7. Ok so this motherboard now runs stable for me..try switching memory from dim1&3 to dim2&4
  8. The issue is all the above although it doesn't necessarily happen during gaming or intense video, it can happen randomly with no patterns whatsoever.
  9. sorry for playing thread necro here

    yes it seems very random, ive had it happen 5-6 times a day, and ive also gone 2 weeks without it happening at all. if anyone has found a fix for this it would be great if you could post it, otherwise i am buying a new motherboard next paycheck and taking this one to the shooting range with me.
  10. Not intentioally hijacking here, just want to add what I can to help build the case.

    I too am having this same issue of black screens, loss of USB and only way to recover is to unplug machine from the wall.

    Thanks to the OP for all the forum links, seems there are a lot of people out there with the same issues.

    I have checked, re-checked, verified and replaced everything that has been mentioned (memory, PSU, checked heat, etc.) and am still having the issue. In fact, I have contacted MSI support - which is really a waste of time - and they have no new information regarding the issues - other than I should update the BIOS to 18.6 (I was on 18.5) With this update the same issues still exists, but now my Crossfire doesn't work. ARRGGH!! Another thing I did notice is that from time to time, the machine will hang in POST on Initializing USB Controller - could this possible be one of the causes? Once I reset again, things seem to run fine for awhile.

    RMA this board to MSI is a joke - no advance replacements - aren't they the manufacturer? Now I will be down for a couple weeks - maybe I'll just spend the money and buy a new mobo - not MSI of course!
  11. Aha!!

    I built a brand new system, all new components, highest quality stuff I could find, amd 6 core, 16G of gskill ram, the works, on 6/11/2011. The system is mostly idle occasional gaming use. For 6-8 months it's been doing the 'fans running, noone home', where physically turning off the power supply is the only way to get it back, and the occasional random reboot while using it. Totally bone stock, never o'clocked etc., reliability was what I was going for.

    I finally had had enough, updated all the drivers, and then updated the bios. Wouldn't boot windows again after bios update, now I'm stuck in a 'BIOS recovery requested' from USB, that's been running for hours. Found this thread, and about a 500 others, along with newegg reviews. Ugh. POS motherboard, and MSI blaming customers, great. So what are people replacing this lump of crap with?
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