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HTPC P4 2.4GHZ NIVIDIA FX 5500 (256mb)

I just recently built a new computer and have my old computer sitting in the closet collecting dust....

Was thinking of using it as an HTPC

Here are the specs
P4 2.4ghz (northwood) no hyperthreading
MSI motherboard 533fsb (pretty good bios for its age)
nividia FX 5500 (256mb) S-video
Apevia 500watt PSU w/ 6 pin
2.5GB ram
Got the student priced Win7 for my new computer (64bit) it also came with the (32bit) disk which I loaded onto this computer and it runs suprisingly well

Windows experience index (Stock)
CPU: 3.1
Ram: 3.4
Vid: 3.0
HDD: 4.3

I've overclocked the chip to (2.7ghz and it may have more headroom) and the graphics card also (MSI afterburner)

I hooked it up via s-video to a 40" lcd tv and the quality was ok slight stuttering watching HULU. CPU is running at or near 100% load.

So my question is...
Would upgrading to a better video card (4650) take the load off the processor and let me watch Hulu, netflix, DVD's without sutttering?
Was looking at Gigabytes AGP 4650 card (70$) as it has HDMI but it's also AGP 8x, while my MB is AGP 4X
Would this card be enough to power this system for it's intended purpose? would there be a problem with the 8x vs. 4x AGP bandwidth?

This system will be doing no gaming whatsoever....Just watching video and playing music

Thanks! your experience, advice and knowledge are appreciated
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  1. It is worth a shot and if you got money to burn then why wait.
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    I think your money is better spent on more current hardware.

    I suggest you tinker with the old system to learn the in's and out's of HTPC'ing and save up for a new build if you wish to go down that road. P4's are terribly inefficient and even a basic low-end build with onboard video would best it in HTPC duties. You can get a sempron 140 + 785G motherboard for less than $100. Add some RAM and you'll have the foundation for a capable HTPC. Lose the Apevia PSU though... horrible quality.

    BTW, remember that though you bought Win7 with 64 and 32-bit discs, you only have one license. You'll need to purchase another license to stay legal.
  3. for 150$ i had a Celeron Dual core E3300 2.5ghz, 2gb corsair XMS2 pc-6400 and a msi G31TM. i oc'ed the cpu to 3.2Ghz. its my htpc. i put a ATI HD5450 low profile for 50$ more. and all i can say is that it can run video perfectly and even some game :P.
  4. Thank you for your responses....
    Kinda what I thought. I actually sold my HTPC to my sister as she needed a new computer.
    It Ran really well as an HTPC and for her needs it was more than enough for what she does
    Athlon II 250
    2GB DDR3
    GT 220 GPU
    Antec Psu

    Was hoping to do another HTPC on the cheap but will probably just build anew. Think I can do it as HTDuro says for about 150-200$
    Was looking at upgrading the video card in my main system (5670) and a friend has a couple of gigs of DDR2 memory (Free)
    So was thinking along the lines of:

    AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Kuma 2.8GHz 43$
    BIOSTAR TA785 A2+ AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G ATX AMD Motherboard $57.00
    2gb DDR2 Ram (Free)
    DVD $23 (posssible recycle)
    HDD $39 (possible recycle)
    Use Apevia HTPC case Roll the dice on the Apevia PSU?

    Total=162.00 new
    Total=100.00 with recycle parts

    Upgrade GPU for my main system to a 5770 $129 and move the 5670 into the HTPC

    Unless the onboard graphics (4200) would be enough for 40" or 50" 1080p LCD? Audio and Video with no gaming

    I guess I could also recycle the old HDD & DVD as well?

    And yes I would have to buy another license for Win 7 unless I fall back on my XP license

    All told if I spent a little more could I get a media laptop. Think I saw an Acer with quad core phenom and a 5650 vid card for 750$ would the graphics be sufficient to power either of those tv's?

    What would be the cheapest and possibly lowest end mobile graphics solution to accomplish this?

    Alot of questions I know...Thanks again for your repsonses
  5. HD4200 is perfectly fine for 1080p media playback, blu-ray included. I use that setup myself.
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