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So, I bought myself a second HD5770 today. I also bought a 120mm case fan, because its approaching summer and I also read a thread on here where someone with 2x5770s said they get kinda hot. Besides, I've only got 2 fans :P

But... where to put it? My options are
-intake fan on the front,
-intake fan on the side next to the GPUs, or
-outtake fan on the side next to the GPUs.

I currently only have two fans - the 140mm on the top and the 120mm on the back, both running at low speed. It doesn't get that hot here, and I'd rather my system be quiet which is why the fans aren't running at medium or high.

If it helps, my CPU is an AMD II x3 445, and I've put a Zalman CNPS9700NT cooler on it.

Also, here's a picture of my setup:

As you can see, there isnt much space between the desk and the side of the case where the case fan could be. This is why I thought a front intake might be better...

On the other hand, if 2x 5770's don't really get that hot at all then go ahead and tell me :P

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  1. We have the same headphones and fans :3 Are they Antec 3 speeds? Is there space in between you HDD bays and your 5770s? I noticed before i made my own case that would help some
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    Antec 300 by the looks of it. Toss your next fan (or two) on the front as intake fans. You've already got the top and back ones exhausting air, and the side one is kind of blocked off. You'll be fine!
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  4. Try and run FurMark for a while and see whatcha get, mine maxes out at like 79C which isn't bad at all.
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