Overclocked HD Radeon 5870 - BOSD & No Display now

Hi All,

I have watercooled graphic card installed in my system with 1000 watt enermax revolution 85+ powersupply for last 10 months and all was running fine until I decided to fiddle with my precious purchase( HD Radeon 5870 ). I overclocked the core to 950 Mhz and memory to 1280 Mhz and ran Fumark for benchmarking and stability test for about 15-20 min. Results were fine, I decided to stress test it with some small game burst. I ran grand theft auto IV and maxed out the graphic settings. As soon as I hit enter, system crashed and there was BSOD citing display driver error message.

Since then there is no display in the system, although by hit and try I was able to confirm that system boots fine i.e. looking at the HDD activity entered password, heard the sound of skpye login being successful, running audio CD is auto load on my system, put the CD in it played fine.
By doing all this I was able to conclude that my system i.e. motherboard etc are fine the problem should be with graphich card. Since this card is stripped off stock cooler for watercooling I must have violated the warrenty so didn't dare to go th XFX customer support.

So, I decided to double check and isolate the issue, I bought cheap HD 4550 card (PCIe X16) and installed in at the same slot of the previous card, since the system is watercooled and space is very tight in the cabinet I was unable to decouple the graphic card from the watercooling loop and isolate it. Instead what I did was to pull 5870 up of the slot ( so that the loop goes on ) and installed 4550. That's where my problem started, no display again !!!!

When I say no display I mean even the BIOS splash screen does not appear, can't see any damn thing on the screen, monitor continues in sleep mode.

My brain says motherboard is fine as system boots without display run CDs etc..but the new graphic card also does not work, it only could be a rarest of occasion to have 4550 as DOA. My power supply is 1000W with 6 12volt rails in it and the fact it was going strong for last 10 months does not let me think this of an power issue as well.

One thing I forgot to mention is my CPU - i7 920 was also overclocked and was running at 4.11Ghz at the time of incident, CPU temps were good and was consuming around 140 TDP of power.( this info might not be relevant here though..)

Can anyone think of any troubleshooting I can carry out to diagnose the issue. I have access to this rig only could not test the components on other machies.

Help....I can't think straight....


Water cooled Core i7 920 4.11Ghz
Silverstone CW03 MT Cabinet
Enermax Revolution 85+ 100w PSU
Water Cooled XFX HD Radeon 5870 : - Which is dead by the way....
EK full Nickel GPU waterblock
HK Rev 3.0 CPU Waterblock
Zalman Reserator XT
1 TB Samsung spinpoint F3 7200 RPM
Dell 23" SPW..something HD LED monitor
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  1. Forgot to add that Mobo is Asus P6tD V2 and 6GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator 1600 Mhz RAM, if anyone is interested in knowing.
  2. no thoughts??
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