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Hi guys,

My english is not my mother languah. So sorry for my bad english!

My computer serious need an upgrade: Phenom 9600 BE, 4 GB ddr2. 8800 GTS 320 MB. 770 AM2 asus SB650. Running 19" 1440x900. Main OS disk Raptor 10k 150gb.

Because shogun comes the 15 March!

The reason for this thread is that for the past 11 years. I have only worked with AMD desktop. Everytime i have chosen AMD. Now i want to know if there anything different during the installation that i should know? And be careful about?

Now the Sandy brigde from Intel really have convinced me to go for a 2500 normal not the K. I do not overclock!. The new AMD CPU seems far away, no exact date? Q2 i think. So would not make it in time for shogun 2 release. Where i really want the game to run smooth and stable. So i buy the new hardware just some days before the release. Hoping the price stabalise more in a month. The demand probably is high atm, so the prices are higher then normal?

I will upgrade my monitor some month after. Samsung 24" 2450H running 1900x1080. Just cannot afford buying that same time with the hardware upgrade.

Here the setup atm: Asus P8P67-M PRO Sandy brigde(Dont se any reason for the normal ATX pro, do not need SLI), XFX RADEON HD 6850 BE, Corsair 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz 2x4GB, Sata DVD samsung. Intel core i5 2500 Sandy Brigde. Antec High current Gamer 900 WATT.

Reusing: Main disk Raptor 150g 10k, and my antec performance old version case. Just need a big cleaning some 4 years old dust. Anyone want to buy? ;D

So anything i should know that is different in installation of Intel? And sorry AMD, you guys just not cutting it on the CPU marked atm. unless you drop your prices even lower/really low. I will ofc one day come back to AMD if they make a comeback. But i will proably keep this new setup for years to come. My current had lasted for 4-5 years now.

Sincerly ex AMD user.

EDIT: Using Wista home premium. After reading several thoughts on the internet. The conclusion is that i do not gain anything from paying 120 bucks for windows 7 home premium OEM disk. mean not worth it.
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  1. If your system is in a warm room, with temps averaging 80f or higher, then I would decide if you want a better cooler before installing the board. Some require you to install a plate under the board to support the new cooler. I use the stock Intel cooler; warmer temps don't bother me. I prefer a quiet system. You'll get temps ranging from about 40c to 70c with the stock cooler in a retail boxed cpu. If you go with the Intel cooler, you first have to remove the plastic lid protecting the pins on your asus board. Do this at the last minute, just before installing the cpu. Do not leave the pins exposed for long; they can be bent easily and are hard to straighten. The cpu is notched in two places; it only fits one way. When you close the lever and the cpu plate around the cpu is engaged, you will have to put some force on the lever to close it and tuck the lever in a slot. After you complete this, try lining up the heatsink over the mounting holes on the board; be sure the heatsink connector is facing the right way to reach the fan port. You don't need thermal paste; I always use the pad that comes with it. When ready, press the heatsink and four pins firmly and evenly and see if the pins snap in place, or read the installation instuctions that come with it. To remove, you have to move each lock down pin one quarter turn to the left before lifting the heatsink out.
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