How do I remove a coupt file from my Lacie external hard drive?

I have added some new files to my Lacie external Hard Drive which is connected to my TV. When I tried to open one of the files I got a message saying the file is corrupt and the device was shutting down. I know what file is corrupt. I tried to plug the Lacie into my laptop to remove the corrupt file but it wont open on my laptop, it doesnt even recognise that the device has been plugged into the laptop. The Lacie wont turn off, the blue light is constantly on, I have tried to switch it off usin he remote controlnd have had no jo. I have unplugged the Lacie hard drive and plugged it back in and I keep getting the same result. The TV just shows stipes of colour/ static. Can you please advise me how to remove the corrupt file from the device?
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  1. Hi, if you can't turn the device off or mount it on a computer then the issue may be more serious than one corrupted file. Please contact our support at or 503-844-4500 (USA) to talk with our technicians and investigate what is causing this so we can solve it. ~mn, LaCie
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