Black flicker on bottom half of my screen

I built my computer about a year ago and recently I have been noticing that the bottom half of my screen will flicker black. I tried swapping out my DVI cable to my lcd and no luck. I've started to notice that the flickering only happens when rendering a certain things. For example, I will be on a website and the flickering will start but if scroll down slighty the flickering will stop...scroll back up to the same position and the flickering starts again. I've noticed it in everything from games to movies and even certain backgrounds on my desktop. Games for instance, I'll be playing a FPS and when the ground is in view the bottom of the screen will flicker. If I look up the flickering will go away. It's really weird and I haven't been able to find anybody with the same problem. I've heard it might be a driver problem, so I might throw my linux install back on it and seen if i get any flickering in that. Any Ideas?

Graphics: XFX NVidia 9500 GT 512mb
CPU: AMD Phenom II x2 3.1 GHz OC'd to 3.7GHz
PSU: Rosewill 450watt
RAM: 2gb ddr3 1333

(I'm on my computer right now so I can provide more specs when I get home)
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  1. If you suspect a driver issue, you don't necessarily need to put Linux back on.

    Uninstall your nVidia Forceware Drivers and use a program like Driver Sweeper to completely eliminate the drivers. Then install a different/newer version of the drivers and see if that does the trick.

    You can also try updating or reinstalling DirectX drivers and see if there's a problem there. If replacing drivers don't work, my next recommendation would be to swap your video card out for another video card. If that fixes the problem, it may indicate your video card is failing. Considering it's having this problem even at your web browser (which would run in 2D mode) it could be an actual hardware problem with the video card.

    I'd imagine if it was actually the monitor, it'd be doing it regardless of scrolling or changing your viewing angle in game.
  2. BTW: You might also install a program like GPU-Z (it's free) to see what your video card temperature is. After a year, depending on circumstances, your video card could have dust bunnies in it preventing it from cooling well. :) Could be flickering due to temp problems too. Just something else to rule out. :)
  3. Thanks I'll give that a try.
  4. Did everything you recommended. Wiped the drivers and reinstalled. Checked the temp (46C). Only thing I haven't tried yet is the video card swap. No Luck. Checking linux for the hell of it. Could it also be my PSU failing?
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