Gtx 260 sli or gtx 460 sli??

Well im trying to spend the least amount of money as possible for a nvidia sli configuration. I have been told to go with either gtx 260 sli or gtx 460 sli. I want to know the power consumption and whats the best performance paired up with a i5 750?

Gtx 460

Gtx 260
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  1. Well, both of them perform nearly the same, but GTX460 consumes less power than GTX260...
    Already bought the card? If not yet then go with dual GTX460. :)
  2. No question go with the GTX460 it is newer tech and better all around. Although I would recommend the 1GB version over the 768MB.
  3. I "had" the 260, the gtx460 is way better and nvidia just came out with a beta driver that increases the performance of the gtx4xx series.
  4. Where is it shown that the 260 and the 460 game the same?

    Power and temps shown as well.
  5. GTX460 SLI is a no brainer. Newer tech, lower power consumption and DX11. So all in all you cant go wrong with it.
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