What Computer Components should i buy?

Hi ive been a huge gamer and im looking to build a nice computer before diablo 3 comes out which will prolly be in about 6 months. I have about 1,000 a month to save or use on a computer so im looking to buy a nice computer that runs under $5,000. I want somthing thats fairly easy to overclock. Here are the games ill be running. Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Im a Big Intel fan so i wanna try and stay away from AMD. I also wanna keep my color theme Black and Blue

Mouse -
Keyboard -
Monitor -
Video Card-
Memory -
Power Supply -
Hard Drive -
Prossesor -
CD Rom-
Case -
Headset -
Sound Card ( dont know if i need one or not )
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  1. Start with the i7 950 cpu, which has dropped to around $250 in the usa recently at a few places. I picked up a 920 for $100 the other day to help someone pay his rent. For the monitor, get a 23-24 inch hans G or other off brand with three year warranty. Samsung and Dell charge a price premium, unless you wait for the dell's to be on sale; you might get one for around $200 off their website. For power, get a seasonic or corsair 850W. For drives, seagate (maxtor) or hitachi in 1 tb along with a 64 meg kingston or corsair 60 gb ssd for boot up. They are $100-120 now on sale. For cases, I don't spend as much as some folks. I look for last year's model at closeout on black friday which is only three weeks away. Do your shopping for parts then if you live in the states. Skip the soundcard, and put your money into better speakers and a bass setup. For ram, get only 4 gb of 1600 ddr3; it's plenty for gaming. I can get some locally used for only $60 now. Prices have dropped. And newegg always has a dvd burner for around $20 shipped in their email promos. Get on their list if you are in the usa or canada. I skipped the motherboard, as I have no experience with the latest x58 boards. I would limit your board budget to around $250 if possible. The x58 chipset is getting old and doesn't have the latest features on many models; the ones that have them are overpriced.
  2. Best advice for a new build is fill this in, and post it in a new thread over in homebuild section,
    With a 5k budget you should be looking at a awesome gaming rig :P
  3. The only problem with a 5K rig is , that it won't fit in the E36 Coupe.. :) but it'll certainly be faster than the coupe.............
  4. nice if i were you i would wait for the i5 sandybridge and the bulldozer to come out
    if u cant wait then go get a i7 950 xtreme and a some gtx 480s or as you have said diablo 3 comes out in 6 mnths which is a long time keep saving till then and go get a nvidea gtx 580 (if it has released <expectd relese date:-feb 2011>) or if you cant wait that long wait a little bit longer and get ati's 69XX series and go in for a usb 3.0 mobo with a good 1200 watt psu and a good stylish cabinet and a blu-ray drive and razer is always the best for gaming keyboards and mouses get a 3-d ready display from alienware and creative's giga work's 7.1 surround thougha sound card is not nessery if u really want one get a asus
  5. ^^"if u cant wait blah blah blah if you cant wait that long wait a little bit longer blah blah blah"
    :) LOL:)
    Sorry about that ..... he's is going to buy it only after 6 months.......... lol so he'll certainly be waiting longer than after Feb 2011.....
  6. so then go get a SB dont need to thnk bout it
  7. or go in for a dual socket: evga sr-12 classified

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  9. If you are planning to build this bad boy 6 months from now you don't even need to think about it yet. In 6 months the entire computer landscape will have changed. Heck, its going to change in the next few weeks when AMD drops their 69xx cards and nVidia responds with their gtx580. Then we are going to have Intel and AMD releasing their new CPUs in a few months... The point is, 6 months from now is too long a time frame for anyone to predict. Come back about 3 weeks before you plan on building and these guys will be able to give you some great advice.

    Being able to drop $5,000 on a rig would be pretty sweet tho...
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