Graphics Cards Problem - Help! (Radeon 5770)

Hi everyone,

I posted about a week ago asking whether the Radeon 5770 would be compatible with the Asrock N68C-S UCC and was told yes. But now I have a problem i've been trying to figure out for the past 4 days, please help!

Here are my computer specs at the moment in case they are the problem:

Motherboard: Asrock N68C-S UCC
CPU: Athlon II X4 635
Graphics: Radeon 5770
Power unit: 450 watts

The problem is that the card just isn't being detected, when I install the ATI drivers nothing happens. The fan on the graphics card is spinning, everything is corrected properly (I hope). I have put the monitor into the VGA port on the card, and the monitor is working fine. But its stuck in "Vga Save" mode. I've reinstalled windows on multiple occasions (it might be notable that I don't have fast internet so can't update windows xp so am currently stuck with the SP1 from 2002, would this cause any problems?) .net 2.0 etc is installed so I can't see it being a software problem.

Any ideas as to what it might be? I've tried driver sweeper, but I just changed the motherboard, formatted the hard drive etc so I can't see why thats a problem. Are any of the hardware specs a problem? Thanks a lot for reading, hope you can help.
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  1. if you goto device manager, can you see 5770 being recognized?
  2. Nope I can't see it in Device Manager, though in "Others" I can see Video Controller (VGA Compatible) and PCI Device. Though this might be the on board graphics i'm not sure.
  3. I'm pretty certain its not a problem with the card itself, the monitor is plugged into the pci express port, and the bios is set to pci express and the monitor is on, can see everything no problem. The only issue is the drivers on windows xp, I just installed the onboard graphics drivers and they worked perfectly and afterwards had another look in Device Manager and it seems that there is still a "Video Controller (VGA compatible) and "PCI Device" both say they don't have drivers in order to run. I downloaded the latest ATI drivers for the radeon 5770 but they didn't do anything, xp didn't find the drivers. Any ideas? Thanks.

    P.S. So is there any possibility that the fact i'm using a windows xp which hasn't been updated since 2001 could be a reason the drivers haven't been found, or is that irrelevant? Thanks.
  4. updating windows should solve some of your problems.
  5. Motherboard bios update
  6. Hi, did you deactivate vga onboard in your bios?
  7. Did you plug the 6-pin power connector into the card itself?
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