Simple Antec 300 Case Mod

Before Pic

Cut a few holes with a Dremmel 300, one at bottom, one thin one at top and little one on drive bays.

Get some edging trim, I got mine from Chilled PC
Cut it at angles into the corners, you can just wedge it in in one piece but I think its a better fit when cut individually.
If it doesn't hold too well you can always add a little dot of glue, this stops the cables from rubbing.

Finished unit, yes only 1 GPU but you get the picture. :D Really helps with airflow also.

And a bit of arranging round the back.

As mentioned this isn't a groundbreaking setup but a massive improvement for a little work.
Only other thing I needed was an ATX 8 pin extension cable so I could run it behind the top fan and through the new hole.
Maybe you don't need that new case after all for a clean looking setup.
Hope this helps a few people to give it a go. [:bohleyk:1]
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  1. Cool.

    I have the 300. I thought there was cable management?
  2. It has a few tie wrap clips and the section round the back for cables but the extra holes clear the cables from the base of the case and the front usb/power etc cables from the top. I can't believe how much better it is and pretty simple.
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